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A Covered Arbor Part II

The first step of the project was to get the metal structure into place. In addition we added string lights and a water misting system. The next phase was bringing 31 concrete planter boxes up 3 flights of stairs and to move them into place around the perimeter of the structure. Then we had to […]

Construction Design News Preliminary Work Retreat

A Covered Arbor Begins

All arbors begin uncovered. It’s a game of extreme patience. How can you have a covered arbor when the plants you start out with are as high as your knees? The answer is simple — wait it out. Since ours will be a roof arbor, we must bring planter boxes and soil about 13 meters […]

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Is Bali like a year-round Mardi Gras Festival?

There are two major trends at work behind this idea: the first is that the Balinese have many, many ceremonies — and parading and wearing special clothing is part of their rituals. Secondly, both the Balinese and a large number of visitors get married in Bali. And while we know what Western bridal clothing looks […]