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“Can’t find better”

“I travelled often but never really took the time to write any reviews (even though I find them super helpful) But my stay at Ohana was that amazing that I owed the hosts 5 minutes to thank them for their hospitality and making sure we had the best time! I can not recommend Ohana Retreat […]

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Moving forward on the yoga / workout / wedding space, & more

We have two distinct roof spaces. One is for the rooftop bar: and the other is a multi-purpose space: The space will ultimately become a shady, plant-covered arbor, but the pieces are coming together now. In the meantime we continue to get reservations (slowly), both for the rooms and the cooking classes: The reality is […]

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Our first cooking class

A family who had signed up for our Grandma’s Authentic Indonesian Recipes class arrived yesterday and it was quite the foodie event. Shelly made homemade noodles, which were soooo delicious: In addition Shelly made an Indonesian dessert that is close to a crepe, but has fresh grated coconut and brown sugar.