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Bali Take it Easy Tour

In order to give you a good idea of what can be accomplished when using Ohana Retreat Bali as an accommodation base, this sample itinerary may be helpful. It is purposely designed so that you will have lots of free time to relax around the pool, take daily walks, re-energize, as well as see some […]

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“Can’t find better”

“I travelled often but never really took the time to write any reviews (even though I find them super helpful) But my stay at Ohana was that amazing that I owed the hosts 5 minutes to thank them for their hospitality and making sure we had the best time! I can not recommend Ohana Retreat […]

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Guests from 12 different countries so far

We’ve only been opened for two months and during the first month we only had two bookings. Still, we had guests from 12 countries in less than 60 days. I’m including guests who stay overnight as well as guests who just visit for the cooking classes. They’re both part of the Ohana experience. Each visitor […]

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Moving forward on the yoga / workout / wedding space, & more

We have two distinct roof spaces. One is for the rooftop bar: and the other is a multi-purpose space: The space will ultimately become a shady, plant-covered arbor, but the pieces are coming together now. In the meantime we continue to get reservations (slowly), both for the rooms and the cooking classes: The reality is […]

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Our first cooking class

A family who had signed up for our Grandma’s Authentic Indonesian Recipes class arrived yesterday and it was quite the foodie event. Shelly made homemade noodles, which were soooo delicious: In addition Shelly made an Indonesian dessert that is close to a crepe, but has fresh grated coconut and brown sugar.